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Frank's Selection

Frank's Selection

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Frank has been working as a cheesemonger here on Spring Street for the last year but has been a part of our business for many more. Starting out as a Melbourne tour guide, Frank’s passion for all things food and wine eventually brought him to us.  His culinary career took off with us next door in the City Wine Shop, Frank’s passion for exploring wine and food grew and now he is the perfect addition to our small cheese team! He has put together a selection of cheese, wine and accompaniments that will take you on a culinary experience that he would like to share.

✹ Pave du Nord 100g
✹ Fourme d'Ambert 100g
✹ The Fine Cheese Co Toast for Cheese
✹ Hunted + Gathered 70% Chocolate
✹ Rooftop Honey Test Tube
✹ 2017 Royal Tokaj Late Harvest

Please note, all hampers are filled with products that are seasonal and produced on a small scale. If there are unavailable items, products may be switched with something similar but just as delicious.

Pave Du Nord
Semi-Hard, Cow's Milk Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France
An unpasteurised cow's milk cheese hailing from the town of Calais in northern France, shaped like and named after the paving stones - pave - that line the old streets. Underneath its rugged, cheese mite ridden rind is a strikingly vibrant, orange paste. Dense and slightly crumbly in texture with a flavour more mild than it's bold appearance may suggest. Our Pave du Nord has notes of raw nuts, burnt butter and warm spice, with just a hint of earthiness and butterscotch.

Fourme d’Ambert
Blue Vein, Cow's Milk • Auvergne, France
Fourme d’Ambert is a cheese produced in the eastern valleys of the Auvergne Mountains in south central France. "Fourme" is the old French word for cheese as taken from the Latin name "forma", and describes its cylindrical shape. A great introductory blue. This cheese is creamy in texture with a rich buttery flavour and delicate spice.

The Fine Cheese Co Toast For Cheese
Plums, Dates and Linseeds
A super thin, light and crisp cracker but what makes it unique is that around 55% of the cracker is composed of fruits, nuts and seeds. Making it oh so fruity, oh so nutty and oh so - well 'seedy'! Baked twice like biscotti.

Hunted + Gathered 70% Chocolate
This Cacao sourced from ZorZal Cacao in the Dominican Republic is made by Cremorne based chocolate makers. They make rich 70% cacao products with extraordinary maple, malt and nutty profiles. These organically made chocolates with little sugar and the perfect amount of acidity.

Rooftop Honey Test Tube
Rooftop Honey is run by beekeepers with a vision of bringing bees back to the city and the suburbs of Melbourne. Each test tube contains raw, local honey rich in flavour. Perfect with blue cheese.

2017 Royal Tokaj Late Harvest
Tokaj, Hungary • Furmint, Hárslevelű & Muscat de Lunel 
Rather than selecting individual berries shriveled by botrytis, Late Harvest relies on partial bunch selection, which naturally includes ripe, overripe and botrytised berries. Apricot and tropical fruit aromas dominate this wine, together with a botrytis note.  Citrus flavours also add to the  palate which is long and balanced by some freshening acidity.



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