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Ageyo Ground Coffee

Ageyo Ground Coffee

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Daniel Seyoum worked with us at the European restaurant for many years, first as a bartender perfecting his coffee making, then training on the floor as a sommelier. With family ties back home in Ethiopia, Daniel left Spring Street in 2016 with his wife and new son to return to work in his family’s speciality coffee business. Beans come from five growers based in the dense forests of Limmu Kossa, in the south west of the country. As respected partners, these growers take great care and work in farming their beans organically.  All harvesting is manual, cherries are individually hand-picked and dried on raised beds. The truth is in the cup, the results of their incredible efforts.

Whether brewed in a stovetop mokapot or on an espresso machine, this offers a lovely contrast to the more concentrated notes in Italian style roasts.

Lightly roasted, pouring caramel in colour, this is silky and smooth. A cup with a lovely mild, medium weighted, buttery texture in the mouth and flavours of red currant and dark chocolate.

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Jimma
Woreda (district): Limmu Kossa
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1700-1900 MASL




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