French Kiss Hamper

French Kiss Hamper

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Indulge in some of the finest selections of cheeses from one of the most loved cheese countries, France!

✹ Langres AOP
✹ Delin "Brillat-Savrin"
Comté Vagné 24+ Months

Please note: hampers are filled with products that are seasonal and produced on a small scale.  If there are unavailable items, products may be switched with something similar but just as delicious.


A closer look at our cheeses!

Langres AOP

Origin: Champagnes-Ardennes
Milk: Pasteurised cow’s milk
Family: Washed rind
Aged: 6 weeks minimum

This decadent, peach-coloured beauty is oozing with flavour and character. A fresh lactic centre with fresh citric notes is encased by a soft, creamy layer of buttery paste all covered in a fruity rind with hints of salumi and brioche. Naturally, because this cheese originates from Champagne it is also washed in Marc de Champagne! It is matured for between 6 to 9 weeks in a humid cheese cellar where it is periodically washed. Langres is one of the very few cheeses that are not turned during their maturation, causing a small well in the top. If you're feeling particularly indulgent, pour some sparkling wine for yourself, and then in the cheese’s well, and serve!


Delin “Brillat-Savarin”

Origin: Burgundy, France
Milk: Cow's milk
Family: White mould
Aged: 6 weeks to 8 weeks

This silky cheese has a velvety texture that coats the palate and the flavours are initially quite rich, with an end note of lactic sourness that is not dissimilar to cultured butter. It has hints of earthiness from the rind that leaves a beautiful savoury flavour at the back of the palate. Triple cream brie must have fresh cream added to the milk to boost its butter-fat ratio to above 42% to be classified as a double cream brie. The addition of the milk is what provides this cheese with its beautiful lactic sour note and a hint of cultured cream. Brillat-Savarin is the ultimate people-pleaser! It is a triple cream brie with a velvety texture and a rich, buttery flavour. It has a slight lactic sourness reminiscent of cultured butter, and an earthiness from the rind which leaves a savoury edge on the palate. It pairs perfectly with a glass of bubbles. 


Comté Vagné 24+ Months

Origin: Franche-Comté, France
Milk: Raw cow's milk
Family: Hard-cooked
Aged: Production ~ June 2021

Belonging to the family of gruyères cheeses, which are cooked, pressed cheeses, the Comté cheese is a raw, cow's milk cheese that is particularly creamy with a supple and unctuous texture. The Comté cheese is artisan made, from raw milk, from the milk of the Montbéliarde and French Simmentale breeds of cow. Our Comté is milky and fruity. It is a great comté to enjoy at any time of the day.



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