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The All Goat Selection

The All Goat Selection

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Love goat's cheese?  This is the pack for you!  A lovely selection of three of our favourite goat's milk cheeses with the perfect crackers and rosé to match.

✹ Bethmale Chévre 100g
✹ Dreaming Goat Dairy Pressed Chévre 300g Jar
✹ Holy Goat Skyla Log 180g
✹ The Fine Cheese Co Toast for Cheese
✹ 2018 Riotor Côtes de Provence

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Please note, all hampers are filled with products that are seasonal and produced on a small scale. If there are unavailable items, products may be switched with something similar but just as delicious.

Bethmale Chévre
Semi-Hard, Goat's Milk  Pyrenées, France
This unusual semi-hard 'Tomme' from the Pyrenées is made from hand ladled curds at the small Fromagerie Jean Faup.  Made exclusively from goat's milk collected in the Ariege and La Haute-Gargonne regions. It has a distinct earthy aroma not dissimilar to mushrooms and wet hay.  Bursting with animal and citrus flavours with a woody, nutty profile due to its 6 months of ageing.  A truly spectacular cheese and one of our favourites here on Spring Street. 

Dreaming Goat Dairy, Pressed Chévre

Lactic, Goat's Milk • Macedon, Victoria
Dreaming Goat Dairy is a small scale dairy goat farm in Monegeetta, Macedon run by passionate cheesemaker Sarah Ajzner and her partner Daniel.  Her herd of just 24 goats are milked daily and rotated to fresh pasture weekly, resulting in very special cheese. This pressed chévre is a delicate lactic curd cheese which is salted and pressed in squares – similar in texture and flavour to what Australians know as "Persian feta". There is no added marinade so the flavour of the cheese shines through.

Holy Goat Skyla Log
Lactic, Goat's Milk • Sutton Grange, Victoria
Holy Goat cheeses are produced to capture the delicacy of goat's milk. The cheese production is based on a slow lactic acid fermentation of the milk to produce delicate soft curds. The small, farmhouse operation ensures a unique product with plenty of love. Skyla is a gently sweet lactic cheese shaped like a log with a creamy texture and notes of citrus.

The Fine Cheese Co Toast For Cheese
Fig, Sultana and Poppy Seed
A super thin, light and crisp cracker but what makes it unique is that around 55% of the cracker is composed of fruits, nuts and seeds. Making it oh so fruity, oh so nutty and oh so, well, 'seedy'! Baked twice like biscotti.

2018 Riotor Côtes de Provence
Côtes de Provence, France
Perfect by itself between courses, wonderful with seafood or any other salty snacks, this versatile blush will satisfy even the fussiest of guests. Situated in the hills of the Massif des Maures, above the French Riviera, this domaine produces classic, dry provençal rosé. A delightful blend of Granche and Carignan with a touch of Syrah. Its palate of delicate red fruit flavours team with a savoury note to perfectly balance the wine.



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