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The Perfect Pairing – Bay of Fires Cheddar

The Perfect Pairing – Bay of Fires Cheddar

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A perfect selection of cheese, crackers and an accompaniment.  Put together by our cheesemongers to showcase how the right pairings can create a truly magical culinary experience without having to spend big.

✹ Bay of Fires Cheddar 100g
✹ The Fine Cheese Co Oat Cakes
✹ Jam Lady Jam Sherry and Onion

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Bay of Fires Cheddar
Cheddar, Cow's Milk • St Helens, Tasmania
A traditional cloth-bound cheddar from St Helens in Tasmania, made by 13th generation cheesemakers hailing from England. This farmhouse cheddar is aged for a minimum of 1 year on Tasmanian oak boards, which give the cheese its unique characteristics. The result is an earthy, spiced cheese reminiscent of a cave, with an authentic crumbly texture.

The Fine Cheese Co Oat Cakes
Made with 100% rolled oats and oat flour theses buttery little cakes are the perfect pairing with any cheddar style cheese. A melt in your mouth round of decadence.

Jam Lady Jam Sherry and Onion
Made in Healesville without preservatives or additives, Jam Lady Jam has been hand making some of Victoria best products for over 20 years. This lightly spiced, caramelised onion jam with sherry is perfect with cheddar.



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