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The Perfect Pairing – Boerenkaas Gouda

The Perfect Pairing – Boerenkaas Gouda

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A perfect selection of cheese, crackers and an accompaniment.  Put together by our cheesemongers to showcase how the right pairings can create a truly magical culinary experience without having to spend big.

✹ Boerenkaas Gouda 100g
✹ The Fine Cheese Co Toast for Cheese
✹ Tracklements Damson Paste

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Boerenkaas Gouda
Gouda, Raw Cow's Milk • Leiden, Netherlands
Our Boerenkaas is bursting with strong savoury notes that bloom in the mouth. This well-structured cheese has light acidity, toffee and warm caramel flavours that characterise most gouda. The paste of this cheese is filled with tyrosine, those crunchy little crystal we all love!

The Fine Cheese Co Toast For Cheese
Plums, Dates and Linseeds
A super thin, light and crisp cracker but what makes it unique is that around 55% of the cracker is composed of fruits, nuts and seeds. Making it oh so fruity, oh so nutty and oh so, well, seedy! Baked twice like biscotti.

Tracklements Damson Paste
Tracklements are proud pioneers of perfect preserves. This rich, damson preserve is fabulous with hard cheeses with the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness.



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