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The Perfect Pairing – Dreaming Goat Dairy Chèvre

The Perfect Pairing – Dreaming Goat Dairy Chèvre

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A perfect selection of cheese, crackers and an accompaniment. Put together by our cheese mongers to showcase how the right pairings can create a truly magical culinary experience without having to spend big.  The pairing of the sweet and syrupy cherries combined with the delicate and creamy goat's cheese is a true work of art and a go-to snack for our cheesemongers here on Spring Street.

✹ Dreaming Goat Dairy Chèvre 200g
✹ The Fine Cheese Co Lemon and Sea Salt Crackers
✹ Amarena Fabbri Cherries in Syrup

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Dreaming Goat Dairy Chèvre
Lactic, Goat's Milk  Macedon, Victoria
Dreaming Goat Dairy is a small scale dairy goat farm in Monegeetta, Macedon run by passionate cheesemaker Sarah Ajzner and her partner Daniel.  Her herd of just 24 goats are milked daily and rotated to fresh pasture weekly, resulting in very special cheese.  This fresh goat’s curd is very lightly salted with a delicate and creamy flavour.  

The Fine Cheese Co Lemon and Sea Salt Crackers
These English crackers hailing from Bath are delicately flavoured with lemon and lightly salted. Making for a light, slightly citrus flavoured cracker that is perfect with fresh, lactic chèvres. These fragrant crackers are wonderfully balanced so as to not overpower the cheese but instead marry all flavours flawlessly to create a perfect pairing.

Amarena Fabbri Cherries in Syrup
These Italian Amarena cherries are jarred in a rich syrup that adds sweetness without taking away from the cherry’s beautiful sour notes. These cherries paired with Dreaming Goat Dairy's chèvre create a beautiful flavour explosion in your mouth.



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