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The Perfect Pairing – Long Paddock Silver Wattle

The Perfect Pairing – Long Paddock Silver Wattle

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A perfect selection of cheese, crackers and an accompaniment. Put together by our cheese mongers to showcase how the right pairings can create a truly magical culinary experience without having to spend big.

✹ Long Paddock Sundew 180g
✹ The Fine Cheese Co Rosemary Crackers
✹ Hunted + Gathered 70% Chocolate

We recommend sparkling wine with this perfect pack.  Two of our favourites are Bellussi Prosecco Valdobbiadene Extra Brut NV and Champagne Doyard Vendémiaire Brut NV.  You can add these to your order by using the check boxes below.

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Long Paddock Sundew
Bloomy Rind, Cow's Milk  Castlemaine, Victoria
Farmhouse cheese makers originating from France operate this exceptional dairy in Castlemaine, Victoria. Long Paddock produce highly authentic, quality cheeses that stem from a wealth of knowledge about cheese-making. This surface-ripened cows milk cheese is handmade in a traditional French style. When young it presents a fresh, clean flavour with a bright lactic tang. As it ages, the fudgy interior softens to a creamy, oozing interior while developing distinctive funky flavour notes. 

The Fine Cheese Co Rosemary Crackers
These English crackers hailing from Bath are delicately flavoured with rosemary. Making for a lightly herbaceous cracker that is perfect with soft lactic styles like the Sundew. These fragrant crackers are wonderfully balanced so as to not overpower the cheese but instead marry all flavours flawlessly to create a perfect pairing.


Hunted + Gathered 70% Chocolate
This Cacao sourced from ZorZal Cacao in the Dominican Republic is made by Cremorne based chocolate makers. They make rich 70% cacao products with extraordinary maple, malt and nutty profiles. These organically made chocolates with little sugar and the perfect amount of acidity are paired to perfection with Long Paddocks Sundew.



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