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The Perfect Pairing – Manchego La Tradicion

The Perfect Pairing – Manchego La Tradicion

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A perfect selection of cheese, crackers and an accompaniment.  Put together by our cheesemongers to showcase how the right pairings can create a truly magical culinary experience without having to spend big.  The savoury flavours of Manchego match perfectly with the slightly sweet crackers and lightly spiced jam

✹ Manchego La Tradicion 100g
✹ The Fine Cheese Co Fig and Honey Crackers
✹ Jam Lady Jam Pear Vanilla Ginger

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Manchego La Tradicion
Semi-Hard, Raw Sheep’s Milk  La Mancha, Spain
Manchego was awarded Spain’s first DOP classification in 1984. The cornerstone of Manchego’s protected status is that the ewe’s milk must come from the La Mancha breed of sheep. Our Manchego displays savoury, slightly spiced and grassy notes with hints of citrus and animal flavours thanks to the raw sheep’s milk. This cheese can be used for cooking, however with such a high quality product we recommend eating it as a table cheese.

The Fine Cheese Co Fig and Honey Crackers
These English crackers hailing from Bath are delicately flavoured with fig and a drizzle of honey. Making for a lightly sweetened cracker that is perfect with sheep milk cheese such as Manchego. These fragrant crackers are wonderfully balanced so as to not overpower the cheese but instead marry all flavours flawlessly to create a perfect pairing.

Jam Lady Jam Pear Vanilla Ginger
Made in Healesville without preservatives or additives, Jam Lady Jam has been hand making some of Victoria best products for over 20 years. This lightly spiced pear jam is the perfect accompaniment for our lightly spiced Manchego.



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