Fridge & Pantry Rescue Box

Fridge & Pantry Rescue Box

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An all rounder of some of our favourite products that will instantly prime your fridge and pantry for meaningful meals - breakfast, lunch & dinner.


- Dheavii Free Range Eggs 1 Dozen
- St David's Dairy Salted Butter 
- Zeally Bay Southern Casalinga Sourdough 
- Demeter Unhomogenised Full Cream Milk 2L 
- Mungalli Creek Natural Yoghurt 500g 
- Zeally Bay Muesli 750g
- Bosugo Tomato Sugo 500g 
- Parmiggiano Reggiano 150g approx 
- La Genuina Fricelli Pasta 500g
- Dreaming Goat Dairy Marinated Feta
- Prosciutto di Parma 100g 
- Cherry Tomatoes 250g Punnet  
- Avocado 

Valued at $125

Contact us to adjust packs for dietary requirements and allergies. 

Please note, all hampers are filled with products that are seasonal and produced on a small scale. If there are unavailable items, products may be switched with something similar but just as delicious.