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Show some love to the beautiful selection of local goodies that put other countries to shame!

✹ Long Paddock 'Sundew'
✹ Stone and Crow '4 Pillars Moonshine'
 Holy Goat 'Skyla'

Please note: hampers are filled with products that are seasonal and produced on a small scale.  If there are unavailable items, products may be switched with something similar but just as delicious.

Let's take a closer look at our local cheeses.

Long Paddock 'Sundew'

Origin: Castlemaine, Victoria
Milk: Cow’s Milk
Family: White Mould

This cheese is produced with soft rennet-coagulation technology and is a cross between Coulommiers and Traditional Brie (Brie de Meaux). The paste is creamy and melty, slightly oozy and runny but not liquid. This cheese is mild but lactic and slightly nutty when young, becoming more full-flavoured, cabbage and yeasty as it

Stone and Crow '4 Pillars Moonshine'

Origin: Yarra Valley, Victoria
Milk: Cow’s Milk
Family: Semi-Hard

Four Pillars Moonshine is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese made in the Yarra Valley
by Stone & Crow Cheese. This unique cheese is a limited-edition version of Jack Holman’s Moonshine. With years of experience behind him, Jack Holman established Stone & Crow Cheese in 2015. Since then, he has been experimenting with his Moonshine by washing it in a variety of ingredients during the maturation process. For the Four Pillars version, Jack washes each wheel with Four Pillars Gin’s Bloody Shiraz. This craft gin is made by adding Yarra Valley Shiraz grapes to high-proof Rare Dry Gin. After four months in Jack’s Crow’s Nest, this hard cheese is a celebration of the qualities of both the gin and the cow’s milk. 


Holy Goat 'Skyla'

Origin: Sutton Grange, VIC
Milk: Goat’s Milk
Family: Lactic
Aged: Minimum 3 weeks

Cheesemakers Carla & Ann-Marie rear 120-160 Saanen and British Alpine breed milking goats on their farm based in the rolling granite country of Sutton Grange, Victoria. Carla & Ann-Marie established the certified organic dairy goat herd and cheese-making facility on their farm in 1999. They produce traditional French-style handmade cheeses, and their goats graze deep-rooted native grass pastures on their 204 acres. Holy Goat is a sustainable organic farm with a focus on happy animals and the highest quality milk. This farmhouse cheese is made in small batches only and is bursting with native Australian Terroir. Skyla has a creamy, smooth texture with a natural wrinkly rind. It has flavours of citrus, hints of fresh hay and classic farmyard aromas that are a signature characteristic of goat’s milk cheese.



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