How to create the perfect summer cheeseboard!

With the weather getting warmer and drinks getting colder - there is no better time to host a summer picnic with a delicious cheese board to match. A diverse combination of tastes and textures can seriously elevate the sensory experience and enjoyment of your guests - and we’re here to help!

The cheeses:

We recommend choosing cheeses of various milks and varieties. Generally speaking, a board might include one soft, one blue, one hard and one semi-hard. The most important thing to remember - you make the rules with the cheeseboard, so no mistakes can ever be made!
If you want some excellent recommendations straight from our cheese cellar, here are our faves at the moment:

Dreaming Goat Dairy - Pressed Chevre 300g - $13.60

This beautiful, delicate, lemony goodness from Dreaming Goat Dairy is too perfect of a summer treat. Spooning out some cheese and oil into a little dish can add a great visual element to your board too.

Serve with: Fresh crusty bread, raspberry jam or freshly sliced roma tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.


Section 28 La Saracca - $9.50 per 100g



La Saracca is an absolute fan-favourite here at Spring Street made with beautiful organic cow’s milk from the Section 28 dairy in the Adelaide Hills. It has a delicious palette of honey, condensed milk and raw cashew.

Serve with: Thinly sliced strawberries. No need for crackers or bread. The supple texture of La Saracca is beautiful enough to be enjoyed alone!


Fleur de Maquis - $9.50 per 100g



Fleur de Maquis is a fabulous addition to a cheeseboard. The soft, bouncy texture combined with the sweet, milky, citrusy flavours of spring sheep’s milk is to die for. Not only that, but it is encased in a generous smothering of rosemary. Talk about flavour!

Serve with: Seeded crackers with a drizzle of honey.


Brillat Savarin - 100g for $15 or 200g for $22



Brillat Savarin needs no introduction. Famously decadent, beautifully creamy and occasionally spicy, this cheese is ripe for indulgence.

Serve with: Champagne. Or anything sparkling. We also suggest a thin wafer cracker which allows the cheese to fully melt in the mouth too.



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