Picnic Season is Here

Fond memories are easy to draw from, when it comes to food and the outdoors.  And with weather, mood and seasons on the move, picnics have the upper hand for dining out. A pastime unburdened by rules, these convivial, moveable feasts have sustained us through the ages. They are the type of simple, accessible pleasure to be cultivated right now.

Claudia Roden’s timeless pocket book on Picnics lovingly inspires, ‘...beneath a tree of rustling leaves...the food and the drink taste much better than they do indoors, and that...is a little bit of paradise.’

Advocating everything from simple sandwiches in the shade, to ‘... a special dish with cheese and fruit to follow...’

As long as you plan based on what is easily transportable and holds well, you’ll be united by the common thread that,  ‘…Everything tastes better outdoors.’

We've put together a collection of all our picnic favourites.  Shop the collection here.

We've also put together a Picnic Pack, a one stop shop filled to the brim with everything you need for the perfect picnic.  Get it delivered to your door or better yet, come and pick it up here at the Grocer and enjoy it across the road in Parliament Gardens.

So grab your best tartan rug and your favourite goodies for some lighthearted respite in the open air.  Better days are ahead.





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