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Ski Queen, Gjetost/Brunost

Ski Queen, Gjetost/Brunost

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Whey Cheese
Cow and Goat's Milk
Oslo, Norway

Ski Queen’s Gjetost is a traditional Norwegian whey cheese. This cheese seems to have more in common with fudge with its fudge-like texture and sweet salted caramel flavour. This style of whey cheese was first made in Gudbrandsdalen valley more than 130 years ago. Anne Hov, was the first person to think of pouring cream into the kettle of whey. Her “fat cheese” got a higher price than her ordinary cheese and butter, and she is reputed to have saved the valley from financial ruin in the 1880’s.

Commonly called Brunost which translates to Brown-Cheese this style is primarily produced in Norway and can also go by its Norwegian name Mysost or Gjetost when made with goat’s whey. Traditionally whey and cream are slowly cooked down for over 10 hours in large copper vats or kettles. The longer the cook is the more caramelized the sugars in the whey and cream become and the darker the final product will be. Gjetost is traditionally peeled into wafer thin slices and eaten on toast or crispbread. It is also suitable for cooking, e.g. to flavour.



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